Adapt or die. The mind seeks life.

The stories that I tell are not extraordinary. They are unique, yes, because the world that I see will always be slightly different from the world any other pair of eyes sees. I am a vibrant mind, born and raised in a quiet and calm religious community. I left that community to immerse myself in the stories of the greater community of the human race. I left the community I grew up in, but it stayed with me. It will always stay with me because it is part of my story.

I immersed myself in the stories of philosophers, of great minds of the past, the minds that shaped my own mind and my own story. My own story was developing billions of years before I was born. Other minds were already shaping the story that would become the starting place of my own. My mind was born in the West, but into a world that was transforming into a place no longer divided. My own story begins in Ancient Greece, the birthplace of western thinking. My childhood stayed with the Greeks, until only quite recently when it intersected with another world. The transformation began when the West stood face-to-face with the East, and our faces looked the same. The transformation is in full force. I was born in the West, but my mind has drifted into the world that is not divided.


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