A Matter of Values

I would like to take some time to talk about values, that is, what is considered to be “good” or what a person “should” do. There are two basic approaches to the topic of values. The first states that things/actions/etc. have positive or negative values that are intrinsic to them or that they are good […]

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The ‘R’ Word

To many, there are few things more distasteful than the word “relativism.” A person need not be religious to find the concept troubling. It seems a slap in the face to all the effort we’ve put into discerning what is “true” and “good” to have someone reply with “Sorry, but it’s all in your mind. […]

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What Pascal didn’t wager.

I’ve never had much affinity for Pascal’s Wager. The whole thing is pretty hard to take seriously with the heap of objections that immediately come to mind after hearing it. However, I do think there is something to be said about it. First of all though, here’s a shortened and condensed version of Pascal’s Wager: […]

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